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 Florida Public Human Resources Association 

                                     “Florida’s Resource for Public Sector Human Resources since 1936

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The Florida Public Human Resources Association, Inc. (FPHRA) is a professional organization with a mission to advancing the Human Resources profession in Florida’s Public Sector.

Since 1936, our association has built a platform that connects and educates Human Resources (HR) professionals across the state. Empowering HR Excellence, Fostering Organizational Growth: Our mission is to unite human resources professionals in a collaborative community dedicated to advancing the field's best practices, promoting ethical standards, and cultivating a culture of continuous learning. We strive to provide resources, support, and networking opportunities that empower HR professionals to drive positive workplace transformations, foster employee well-being, and contribute significantly to the overall success and sustainability of organizations. Through advocacy, education, and the exchange of knowledge, we aim to elevate the role of HR in shaping inclusive, innovative, and thriving workplaces for the benefit of both individuals and the public service industry. 

To carry out these initiatives, the association has formed a volunteer, Executive Board that consists of the President, President Elect, Treasurer, and six (6) Executive Board Member roles. Each board member is selected and voted into office by the associations members.

For additional information, read more about the FPHRA Board of Directors here or contact the Executive Board at 


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