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 Florida Public Human Resources Association 

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PHRP Certification Process 

In 1996 the association began accrediting public human resource professionals for having attained a certain level of training and education relating directly to the public sector. Since then, the certification process has remained a valuable educational resource to all members. 



Download the 2023-2024 Certification Application

Download the 2023-2024 Re-Certification Application.pdf

Qualifications for Certification as a Public Human Resources Professional (PHRP) are as follows:1. Current FPHRA membership, employed in a public sector human resource capacity with either agency, individual, or associate membership.

2. Attendance at three (3) of the past five (5) FPHRA Annual Conferences. These conferences are held each summer (usually late July or early August) at different locations throughout the state. The FPHRA Annual Conference is an intensive 2-½ day program of seminars and workshops on a variety of current issues of interest to public human resources professionals.

3. Attendance of 36 educational hours, which includes: FPHRA Pre-Conference seminars, Webinars, or Regional Workshops. 

The objectives of the FPHRA Foundations seminar are as follows:

* Encourage the development of professional skills, particularly in public sector human resources
* Enhance the role of FPHRA as the leading public human resources professional association in the state of Florida
* Recognize the professional accomplishments of FPHRA members

*The  pre-conference  tracks, each worth 12 hours of training. These seminars  are very intensive workshops on topics of wide interest held concurrently with the Foundations, normally during the weekend preceding the Annual Conference. In previous years, topics  have included job classification, compensation, recruitment,  public records/government in the Sunshine State, employee  benefits, testing and evaluation. It is intended that members  will choose to attend one of the offered pre-conference seminars in years that they do not attend the Foundations seminar.

*FPHRA Regional Workshops or Webinars. These workshops are typically held throughout the year in the various regions of the state.  Credit is granted for each hour attended.  For example: Six hours of credit will be granted for attending a six hour regional workshop.  Webinars offered throughout the year are eligible for credit when the attendee registers and logs in properly to the webinar.


    Qualifications for Re-Certification as a Public Human Resources Professional (PHRP) are as follows: 

    1. Current FPHRA membership

    2. Maintain a current FPHRA Certification as a Public Human Resources Professional for three (3) years

    3. Attendance at one (1) of the past three (3) FPHRA Annual Conferences.

    4. Attendance at 12 hours of FPHRA approved training. This training may be any combination of the following:

    * 12-hour pre-Conference seminars

    * FPHRA Regional Workshops or Webinars

    Recertification is valid for three (3) years. After the completion of two (2) re-certification periods, certification will be retained without further requirements.

    Example of Re-Certification eligibility:

    • Member completes requirements for original certification 2002 and receives their certificate at the following year’s conference in 2003.
    • Member completes requirements for recertification 2006 and receives their certificate at the following year’s conference in 2007.
    • Member completes requirements for 2nd recertification 2010 and receives their certificate at the following year’s conference in 2011.

    All Certification and Re-Certification applications will be reviewed and approved by the Board of Directors.

    Successful applicants will be formally recognized at the next annual conference.




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