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 Florida Public Human Resources Association 

                                     “Florida’s Resource for Public Sector Human Resources since 1936

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Webinar Recordings

Webinar Wednesday 2023

03/01/2023: PowerPoint PresentationWage and Hour Issues for Public Employers, Recording

01/11/2023: PowerPoint Presentation: Recent Trends in Public Sector Labor Relations, Barron Dickinson and Jason Vail, Recording

Webinar Wednesday 2022

03/09/2022 Webinar PowerPoint: Employee Benefit Trend Study Recording

03/16/2022 Webinar PowerPoint: Simplifying Employer Drug Testing in Challenging Times, Tom Fulmer, Recording

03/24/2022: Webinar PowerPoint: Physical and Mental Health Updates, Anna Maria Studley and Joelle Kantor, Recording

04/06/2022: Webinar PowerPoint: How to Properly Document Performance Issues, Brett Schneider, Recording

04/13/2022 Webinar PowerPoint:  Crafting An Effective Communication Culture That Inspires & Motivates, Reference Guide, Tom Fulmer, Recording

05/04/2022: Webinar PowerPoint: HANDLING EMPLOYEE MEDICAL ISSUES, Alison F. Smith, Recording

06/22/2022: Webinar PowerPoint: Accommodations under the ADA and Title VII, Janet Goldberg McEnery, Recording

Webinar Wednesday 2019-2021

12/17/2019 Webinar Recording: Stop Waiting for your Invitation: Drive Growth and Engage Strategically Today!

02/12/2020 Webinar Recording: Conflict Resolution PowerPoint Presentation

03/11/2020 Webinar Recording: FMLA and Military LeavePowerPoint Presentation

04/22/2020 Webinar Recording: Duty to Reasonably Accommodate: the ADA, Title VII, and FMLA, PowerPoint

05/20/2020 Webinar PowerPoint: FPHRA Webinar Wednesday: Collective Bargaining during the Covid-19 pandemic

01/27/2021 Webinar PowerPoint: Recording COVID-19 Back to Work Issues: “Vaccines, Facemasks, and Working from Home: Oh My!”. 

Conference Presentations


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