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 Florida Public Human Resources Association 

                                     “Florida’s Resource for Public Sector Human Resources since 1936

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Value of Membership

Our membership forms a diverse group of individuals that range from entry level to senior management who are employed by any local (city or county) government, state agency, or other governmental agency. Membership to FPHRA is open to anyone whose career or studies involve public personnel management, civil service administration, or any other directly related, public sector HR field. 

Since 1936, HR Professionals have relied on FPHRA to provide:

    A membership to the Florida Public Human Resources Association (FPHRA)  can provide numerous benefits and value to professionals in the field. Here are some key values associated with joining an FPHRA:

    1. Professional Development:

      • Access to educational resources, workshops, and seminars to stay updated on the latest HR trends, best practices, and legal developments.
      • Opportunities for certifications and skill-building programs to enhance professional qualifications.
    2. Networking Opportunities:

      • Connect with fellow HR professionals, industry experts, and potential mentors.
      • Attend conferences, events, and forums to expand your professional network and exchange ideas.
    3. Knowledge Sharing:

      • Access to a platform where members can share experiences, insights, and practical solutions to common HR challenges.
      • Stay informed about industry benchmarks and emerging practices through newsletters, publications, or exclusive member content.
    4. Advocacy and Representation:

      • Support in advocating for the interests of HR professionals on policy issues and industry regulations.
      • Representation in discussions that shape the future of the HR profession.
    5. Career Opportunities:

      • Job boards, career fairs, and exclusive access to job postings that cater specifically to HR professionals.
      • Opportunities for career advancement through mentorship programs or exclusive job placement services.
    6. Legal and Compliance Support:

      • Updates on changes in labor laws, compliance regulations, and HR-related legal matters.
      • Access to resources and expertise to navigate legal challenges and ensure compliance.
    7. Discounts and Perks:

      • Exclusive discounts on conferences, workshops, and professional development programs.
      • Access to special offers, discounts, or partnerships with relevant industry services and products.
    8. Community and Support:

      • A sense of belonging to a community of like-minded professionals facing similar challenges and opportunities.
      • Emotional support and camaraderie among HR peers who understand the unique demands of the profession.
    9. Industry Recognition:

      • Opportunities to showcase expertise through speaking engagements, writing articles, or participating in association-led initiatives.
      • Recognition and awards that highlight outstanding contributions to the HR field.
    10. Continued Learning:

      • Access to webinars, online courses, and other continuous learning opportunities to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving field.

      In addition, members receive exclusive access to our top notch Professional Certification program that provides:

      • Enhanced Technical Skills
      • Broaden Knowledge and Expertise
      • Professional Recognition
      • Develop Leadership/Management Skills
      In summary, a membership to a Florida Public Human Resources Association provides a comprehensive package of resources and opportunities that contribute to the professional growth, success, and satisfaction of HR practitioners.


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